Renewable thermal energy systems such as geothermal energy

As part of the Tenerga Group, we focus on the application of shallow geothermal systems for heating and cooling of larger buildings and associated services. Terra Energy ensures the complete integration of an energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC installation.

A preliminary study typically consists of a feasibility study that examines both technical and economical parameters.

Terra Energy has a very broad experience with the interpretation of geological data and has its own database of geological parameters in Belgium.

If required, an in situ Thermal Response Test (TRT) is performed. With this, we can determine the most important geological characteristics of the ground that have an influence on the dimensioning of the geothermal installation. In the case of an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system, a test borehole with a flow test may be necessary to correctly estimate the potential of the aquifer. In some cases, an Enhanced TRT (ETRT) offers more insight into the variation of the characteristics in function of the depth.

Finally, a correct simulation of the building performance is the final piece to design an adequate HVAC system that offers maximum comfort and uses renewable energy as much as possible. This will also have a very favorable impact on the energetic and sustainable label of the building.

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