Terra Energy is an independent, specialized consultancy firm in renewable thermal energy systems

The consultancy firm specializes in renewable thermal energy systems with special expertise in geothermal energy. Terra Energy is a preferred partner for technical engineering firms and architects, enterprises and real estate developers. They can count on our completely independent advice, design, site follow-up, monitoring and optimization of installations in larger buildings. Other activities are research and policy support, commissioned by governments or research institutions. Always in the interest of the customer.

Energy storage in the underground

Terra Energy has its origins at VITO, from the 'underground energy storage' project group. Terra Energy bundles 20 years of national and international experience in energy extraction and energy storage in the ground through various technologies.

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Thanks to more extensive knowledge, our team is responsible for the introduction of ATES and BTES in the Belgian market. Shallow geothermal energy (between approximately 50 and 150 m deep) is particularly economically viable today. Terra Energy has expertise in both closed (BTES) and open systems (ATES).

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More than 150 projects in Belgium
Bundled know-how from more than 10 years of experience

Why Terra Energy?

Total integration of renewable energy

Experience in diverse projects with the application of various technologies in the field of renewable energy.

Market leader in Belgium

Terra Energy has introduced the first geothermal installation in Belgium and has been showing the way ever since.

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